Top Reasons Small Businesses Need Customisable Business Insurance


Companies face varying challenges that affect their bottom line. Small businesses are particularly at risk because they only make enough money to keep operations alive and break even. It can be attributed to the fact that small companies do not have the same resources as established firms to absorb unexpected incidences and recover. It makes business insurance important, although it is not a requirement for small businesses. However, it makes little sense for a small business to buy the same insurance policy as an established company.

11 April 2022

How to Protect the Tools of Your Trade


One of the leading tool manufacturers used to have a slogan that would be proudly attached to the side of each toolbox. To paraphrase, it said, "I make a living with these tools, so please don't ask to borrow them." If you agree with this as a tradie and rely on your tools in such a manner, then you should do more than try to discourage others from asking to use them.

12 November 2019