How to Protect the Tools of Your Trade


One of the leading tool manufacturers used to have a slogan that would be proudly attached to the side of each toolbox. To paraphrase, it said, "I make a living with these tools, so please don't ask to borrow them." If you agree with this as a tradie and rely on your tools in such a manner, then you should do more than try to discourage others from asking to use them. In fact, you should go out of your way to take out an insurance policy that covers them, just in case. What should you know about this type of protection?

Understanding the Risk

No matter what type of trade you are involved with, it is likely that you will have to expose your tools to the possibility of theft on a daily basis. You may need to move from point to point to work for your clients, or you may leave your tools overnight in your facility. In every case, they could be vulnerable to prying eyes and sticky fingers, so you will need to take steps appropriately.

Taking Steps

Always make sure that you keep them under lock and key in every conceivable situation. If you have a ute of some kind, make sure that you install a lockable box that can be securely attached to the frame of the vehicle. This may not be completely foolproof, but it will at least have shown the insurance company that you have taken some appropriate measures. Park your vehicle off the street at night if you can and fit a good alarm system for added measure.

You should also protect your premises and fit motion detectors together with monitoring systems, if possible. This will help to protect not only your tools but also everything else within the building, and it should prove a deterrent for most casual criminals.

Getting Protection

As a tradesperson, you know that you need various levels of insurance to cover public liability and even professional indemnity, but you may not realise that you can have a tools rider as well. If you really want to protect your equipment and make sure that you can continue even if you are deprived of them, talk with your trade insurance broker today. Take inventory of all the tools that you have and provide the replacement value to the broker so that they can come up with the right type of protection.


12 November 2019

Commerical Insurance For New Businesses

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